Data Entry Jobs – Are They Real Or Scams?

Generally, data entry jobs are those that record, manipulate, store or create any kind of data. In the past, data entry jobs were usually intended for workers in large corporations that had enough typing and transcription work to afford the services of full time data entry personnel. With the increasing use of the internet in the work environment, more companies have found it beneficial to contract out data entry work to home businesses, either directly or indirectly. The home businesses can be local or can even be found internationally in large centers where small organizations work is transmitted and prepared by typists and data entry workers.

Who uses data entry?

Both large and small corporations use personnel to do data entry jobs. Because home business owners can often perform data entry work at a lower cost that can be paid out for a salaried employee, even the very small businesses can take advantage of home workers for data manipulation. Because of the advances in technology, almost every business can make effective use of this type of office function. There are even businesses who use data entry personnel to do quality control work. Data entry has long been used in the legal profession both in court and by law offices. Medical offices use data entry workers to complete patient charts and insurance billing forms.

What type of work is contracted?

Work such as updating of databases, transcribing audio or video/audio materials or routine accounting entries into a standardized form can easily and economically be sent to contracted employees or businesses. Not only can the standard work be sent to data entry personnel, but data entry jobs to assure editing and quality control on a finished product can be contracted. Medical transcription helps keep patient charts up to date while legal transcription is another sub specialty often contracted to outside personnel. Preparing and maintaining large databases is a logical duty for data entry personnel.

Who are the data entry workers?

Data entry jobs are prized by home workers because of their variety, simplicity and lack of sophisticated equipment. A typical data entry worker is one who has worked data entry jobs in the corporate world and has decided that other lifestyles are preferable. The data entry worker can be a parent who wants to stay at home with preschool age children. He or she may be a retired worker looking for a little extra income that can be completed at a pace that suits the individual.

How is work transmitted?

Work for data entry jobs is typically transmitted over the internet especially if the distance from the business is significant. Alternatively, workers at home can receive projects and instructions through a messenger, through mail or delivery services, or over the telephone. In some cases, the worker will be required to travel to a location to collect or to pick up the data to be transcribed, such as is the case with legal transcriptionists. By far the easiest and most economical transmittal method for most situations is that of electronic transfer.

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