Genuine Antique Desks – Why Buy a Reproduction If You Can Have the Real Thing?

There are a great many reproduction and replica desks on the market at the moment – some are fantastic re-creations of old designs, others are less authentic and may have spent many weeks on a container ship from the Far East. Prices range from the unbelievable cheap (how can they possibly make it and ship it for that price?) to extremely expensive handmade examples. However, one thing that they all have in common is that they are not the real thing!

A genuine antique desk will have history and character together with top quality materials and construction. It will have been handmade by true craftsmen of yesteryear. Given that desks and office furniture are often in daily use it is likely that over the years an antique desk may have been restored more than once to maintain its looks and serviceability, but so long as this has been carried out by a reputable antique dealer using highly skilled professional restorers this should not be a concern to buyers of such items – indeed with a little ongoing care and attention a fine antique desk will last another 100 years or more. It may not be possible to say this of a modern reproduction, factory made using today’s materials.

When there are so many genuine antique examples to choose from it makes environmental sense to consider buying these pre-owned pieces. You could call it the ultimate in re-cycling – or is the new phrase “up-cycling”? There are no new trees to fell and no carbon emissions from huge container ships – simply a wonderful item of old furniture that is being passed on to a new generation for their use and enjoyment.

With a full range of styles, sizes, and woods readily available to choose from, finding a genuine antique desk has never been easier. Auction houses, online auctions and local, national and international antique dealers all stock these items. Some dealers even specialise in them, selling only fine pieces of antique writing and office furniture. What is more, in many instances, due to the recent falls in antique furniture prices, genuine antique desks are now often priced less than the modern reproduction versions.

However – there is one concession that the reader may wish to make to modern design and that is in the subject of the desk chairs and filing systems that are needed to accompany the fine old antique desk. The author would generally admit (although there are exceptions) that newly made desk chairs with modern adjustment mechanisms are much more comfortable for long periods of use than old antique desk chairs – and – since we all now seek to file and keep large amounts of paperwork in our homes and offices and are there are no real antique equivalents to the modern filing cabinets and storage systems, then we would advise that these are probably necessary accessories. The good news is that there are many suppliers of fine desk chairs and filing systems that can make such furniture to match the wood, style and colour of your genuine Antique Desk.

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